Friday, May 25, 2012

How to

Mustard Paste

Mustard paste  is an important component in Bengali cooking especially for cooking seafood. It helps rid fish of its smell and adds a marvelous zest to bland tasting vegetables. Mustard paste uses in cooking will be posted in the future to demonstrate its versatility.

A package of dark mustard seeds (can be purchased at most South Asian grocery stores)

Dispense a package of mustard seed in a deep bowl
Add regular tap water
All the seeds should be submerged in the water
Let soak overnight
(Letting them soak two nights will give better results) 
After soaking the seeds prepare blender
Pour the seeds including the water they were soaking in into the blender
Turn the blender on
If the consistency is too thick add a little more water
It it's too thin, it's not a problem
But the ideal consistency should be be like  loose cake batter

-Photographs by Nazia
-Posted by Nazia

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