Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Pleasant welcomes! We would like to introduce to you our blog, Gol Morich. This is a joint blog run by mother and daughter. Gol Morich literally translated means 'round pepper', but otherwise it is a reference to black pepper in our native language. We were originally set on naming this blog Kacha Morich (chili pepper) until we did some research and found out that chili peppers did not originate from India or South Asia.  We found that very interesting and wanted to find an ingredient that did root from our native lands. So the purpose of this blog is to introduce and re-introduce people to Indian food. (Predominantly Bengali food.) Many people shy away from Indian cuisine because of the strong aromas and medley of flavors, but the most likely culprit of giving Indian food bad reputation are the commercial Indian restaurants. (not all, but most because personally we feel that food tastes different when some one actually cares about what they are cooking. In real food you can taste the passion and effort put into it.)  We hope that this blog will provide knowledge, decrease intimidation, and rekindle relationships with Indian, specifically Bengali, food.
Thank you.
Sabrina and Nazia
Some links:
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