Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boiled Fried Eggs with Onions

This is an accessory recipe. It is used as a garnish or decoration on rice. 

8 eggs hard boiled
1 tsp turmeric
1/4-1/2 tsp chili powder (cayenne powder)
4 tbs oil
1 small or medium onion finely sliced

Peel the eggs and make sure there are no shells.
Place them in a wide bowl.
sprinkle turmeric and chili power over eggs evenly.
Put aside.
Put frying pan on medium high heat.
Add 4 tbs oil.
Add onions.
Fry until golden brown and semi crispy.
Take out of pan and place on a small plate.
Add about a tbs of more oil to the pan. Keep on medium heat.
Then add eggs.
Cover for 2-5 minutes.
Then take off lid, stir and cover again.
Fry the eggs (stirring occasionally) until they are golden and have a layer of crispy skin.
Garnish on a plate of rice and sprinkle the fried onion on top.
Recipe by Sabrina
Posted by- Sabrina
Photographs by Naz

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